Listen-and-Earn accepts Bitcoin payments from podcasters and listeners

Divya Khurana
The adoption of new technologies becomes almost unnoticed as developers strive to prioritize utility in new protocols. Powered by Froala Editor

Hublot creates the world's largest metaverse football stadium

Divya Khurana
Hublot, a Swiss watchmaker, has been the FIFA tournament's official timekeeper since 2006.Powered by Froala Editor

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin bonds aren't quite ready for the financial markets

Haider Malvi
The traditional financial markets are not ready for bitcoin-backed bonds, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said.

What is a cryptocurrency mixer and how does it work?

Haider Malvi
It is important to understand how Cryptocurrency mixer works and how it is used in practice so here is a detailed description of all the things you should know about cryptocurrency mixers.

Bitcoin Bonds In El Salvador May Be Delayed

Haider Malvi
It was previously suggested that the bond sale could come as soon as this week by the country's finance minister

Mark Zuckerberg reports Instagram will implement NFTs soon

Haider Malvi
"Our goal is to bring NFTs to Instagram in the near future," stated the Meta CEO, adding that NFT minting should be available within the next few months

Crypto execs' reactions to economic sanctions against Russia

Haider Malvi
In the United States and most western nations, most banks are prohibited from dealing with Russian companies or exchanging money

Over $7M in crypto donations come to Ukraine after airdrop announcement

Haider Malvi
On 3 March, Ukraine announced an airdrop of cryptocurrency as part of its fundraising efforts to defend itself against the Russian invasion.

Bitcoin reaches $41000 and flips the Russian ruble

Haider Malvi
According to the Central Bank of Russia, the country's money supply was 65.3 trillion rubles as of February 1 - roughly $629 billion with the recent drop against the U.S. dollar.

Tokens on NFT marketplace undervalued, exploiter earns $750,000

Haider Malvi
The bug in the NFT marketplace was reported to have been discovered on Dec. 31 where transferred NFTs were listed on OpenSea.

Bitcoin payments decline as other cryptocurrencies grow

Haider Malvi
From 92% in 2020, Bitcoin's use by merchants using BitPay dropped to about 65% in 2021.

Indonesian boy sells NFT selfies on OpenSea for $1M

Haider Malvi
A college student in Indonesia became a millionaire by offering nonfungible tokens (NFT) based on selfies on the OpenSea marketplace.

Canadian users are advised to close their accounts before March 1 by Bitfinex

Haider Malvi
Bitfinex announced on Friday that it is closing the accounts of Ontario-based customers with no balances, Let's understand the reason

PayPal announces ideas to examine the release of a stablecoin

Divya Khurana
Steve Moser, a developer, disclosed the evolution of an in-house stablecoin in the source code of Paypal's iPhone app.

As per a CEO Twitter survey, Airbnb users need crypto payment methods

Divya Khurana
The CEO of Airbnb said that the platform's potential crypto payment method would not be limited to one or two digital currencies.

Biggest drop in NFT sales in 2021

Snigdha Maria
Here is the list of the largest hit of NFT sales that took place in the year 2021.

Several Chinese companies are engaged in a Metaverse trademark race

Haider Malvi
More than a thousand Chinese companies have applied for thousands of metaverse-related trademarks inspite of strict warning from People’s Bank of China (PBOC).

Wall Street advisor liontree Leads to explore Crypto payments

Haider Malvi
LionTree, a popular financial advisor and investment banking firm, is exploring the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment system. 

Bank of Russia Ban mutual funds from investing in Bitcoin

Haider Malvi
Russian central bank continues to impose strict policies regarding cryptocurrencies, effectively banning Mutual funds investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). 

Compromised hot wallets from BSC, ERC-20, and Polygon cost AscendEX $80M Loss.

Haider Malvi
Tokens worth around $60 million were transferred through the Ethereum blockchain on AscendEX exchange platform.

Do blockchains only work with cryptocurrencies?

Divya Khurana
The blockchain technology will change the tech and IT sector in the coming years, much like the internet did in the 90s and early 2000s, "says John Zanni, CEO of Acronis. Technology based on blockchain has the potential to drive huge changes and grant new opportunities across industries

Vulnerable: Kraken reveals that many US bitcoin ATMs still use standard QR admin codes

Snigdha Maria
Kraken Security Labs says a "large number" of Bitcoin ATMs are vulnerable to hacking because administrators never change the administrator's default QR code.
bank of Russia

Russian bank “delays” payments on cryptocurrency exchanges and restricts impulsive investments in Russia

Snigdha Maria
The central bank of Russia is skeptical about cryptocurrency acquisitions and does not support expanding access to the cryptocurrency market for Russian investors, the bank's deputy chairman told Prime business news agency this week.

PayPal introduces crypto services for UK customers

Divya Khurana
For the first time, residents of the United Kingdom will be able to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies using PayPal beginning this week.

GoStats introduces Bitcoin cashback rewards card in India

Bitcoin (BTC) rewards company GoStats recently introduced a new cashback rewards card for customers in India mostly giving out a platform for wider mainstream adoption of digital assets in the world’s second-most heavily populated country.

Venmo helps users to buy crypto and get ‘cash back’

Venmo a pay-pal owned payment firm has now introduced a new crypto ‘cash back’ attribute which has zero transactions on crypto purchases. Based on an announcement made on August. 10, Venmo’s new ‘cash back to crypto’ feature went live yesterday it lets credit card customers to spend their cashback rewards on digital assets held on the platform.

Does ATM makes buying BTC easier?

Bitcoin ATMs are capable to make the process easier in the mainstream level and unbanked to access crypto but the real question is whether it will affect the hamper adoption.

Female driven brands accept crypto payments driving adoption

Are the beauty brands going to drive female adoption by accepting cryptocurrency payments and is there even a demand to pay with crypto other than stacking stats? Even though Bitcoin (BTC) is mentioned as a store value for many, many customers from across the globe might be thinking otherwise.
bitcoin euro

France Succesfully Tested Digital Euro

Many central banks around the world are considering their own digital currencies to start competing with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Some countries have speeded up their work on this technology after Facebook announced its plans for the global digital currency Libra in June 2019, but only a few have taken real steps in this direction, while France has just successfully tested its CBDC central bank currency, the digital euro.
crypto wallet

Shopify Accept Crypto Payments Now!

Shopify - Canadian e-commerce giant, which offer to easy create own online shop will accept crypto payments because it has signed a contract with the company that offers crypto payment processor - CoinPayments
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